Robert L. S. – Spectrum Control | Test

“Mark is a well versed, well educated, well experienced RF Engineer. I had [originally] hired him to design a specialized low loss RF capacitor Temperature Coefficient chamber. I also purchased that sophisticated system from his consulting firm.  I then hired him when I was VP of Engineering at Spectrum Control, prior to my retirement, as an RF antenna design engineer for patch microwave antennas. His work was excellent and was employed as such several years after my retirement. I would highly recommend Mark W. Ingalls for any EMC, RF Engineering or Antenna Design position. He is a true master at any of the various arms of RF Research, design, and manufacturing.”

Walt G. – Lexatys LLC | Applied Mathematics

“We met professionally when Mr. Ingalls’ employing company (Spectrum Control) purchased my company. Following the acquisition of my company, we began to work together to integrate the two companies with regard to technology, market, and communications (e.g. literature, sales approaches). Mr. Ingalls was responsible primarily at that time for the antenna work, but offered his expertise with electromagnetic simulation to help us solve a number of difficult engineering problems. He functioned as a sharpshooter on technical challenges at any one of my eight factories when problems arose which were beyond the normal experience of that particular team. One challenge he took on resulted in not only a very satisfied customer, but a patent granted to our company.

Mr. Ingalls is thorough in his preparation and works diligently to acquire a deep knowledge of the problem. His reports, papers, and analyses are of the highest quality. He excels at written communication. In person he is patient, but sometimes comes across as too cerebral. He is quick to recognize those situations and backs down the intellectual temperature appropriately.

Mark cares about his work and has always functioned well whether working independently or in a group environment. He is at his best when he can spend the appropriate amount of time delving into complex problems, discovering the root causes of the challenges, and providing a workable solution.”

Doug F. – ITC | Antenna matching and Tuning

“Today we did actual field distance testing between a transmitter and a modified and un-modified base unit. Just as expected, with the antenna performance improved by 8.2 dB, the reception range a little more than doubled. Based on the success we have had I consider the antenna improvement project complete. Once again, nice work!”

Jeff C. – Spectrum Control | Electromagnetic Simulation

“Mark’s ability to simulate antennas extremely accurately and parallel ‘real world’ conditions has allowed us to participate on several programs with designs that have made us sole source. His designs have also proven to be easily built and verified at test labs as well as at customer’s facilities.”

Mark G. – Spectrum Control | Applied Mathematics

“Mark has helped our design team to better utilize the simulation tools through his development of non-linear models for mixers and VCO’s. He has also spearheaded several efforts to model various filters and balun structures using his expertise in electromagnetic analysis.”

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