We can optimize commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) antennas using our proven experience with matching and tuning techniques giving you acceptable performance with very low development cost. We evaluate your overall design to see whether and how your packaging and board layout affect wireless performance. We can often boost effective antenna performance by two or more dB by simple changes to the layout.

We have also contributed a few novel antenna designs of our own that might find use in your application. Might one of these fill your need? Let’s find out…

Custom antenna design is expensive and time-consuming, but sometimes (not always) the investment pays off in either lower per-unit cost, better performance or both. Usually it is a good idea to survey COTS antennas or previous designs before taking this step.

PTCRB Pretesting

We can evaluate your equipment’s performance and (if warranted) make recommendations that will insure your equipment will pass approval testing. We are also prepared to go beyond recommendations by making modifications and testing the results. (See Test Engineering and Rapid Prototype, below.) The result will be shorter time to market because all phases of the development and testing cycle are controlled by m2w.

RF Circuit Design

We gained our expertise in M2W through years of designing RF and microwave components such as filters, couplers, T/R models, mixers and switches as employees of large companies. We still do that same work on a project basis.

We specialize in electromagnetic simulation or co-simulation and optimization of structures that cannot be modeled with closed form (linear simulation) CAD tools.

We have also had good success using EM simulation and precision measurements to create linear simulation models of RF / microwave components.

Test Engineering

We have designed and developed several RF test regimes: resonant lines for capacitors, coils and diodes; automatic tuning systems for RF filters; temperature coefficient and burn-in systems for RF components and go/no production test systems.

We design the test process, build the fixtures, write the control software and integrate the system all in-house. We provide you with a proven, accurate, repeatable, documented system in less time and at lower cost.

Rapid Prototype

We build our own fixtures and prototypes, and we can build yours, too! We understand the intricacies of RF / microwave device fabrication and have the right tools for the job, so we can build prototypes in less time and expense than the non-specialist machinist.

For more details on our capabilities and services, or to get started on your project contact us now!

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