Case Studies

First Gun-hardened GPS Antenna Array

In August 2005 Alliant Techsystems (NYSE: ATK) successfully “flew” a 155mm NATO round with a dummy payload and a GPS antenna array prototype attached. After the fuze body was located and excavated from the earth its antenna array was tested and found to function according to its design parameters. ATK advised Spectrum Microwave, Inc., that they had succeeded in supplying “the first gun-hardened GPS array in the free world.”

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Drill Pipe Tag

HM Energy LLC had the idea to put RFID tags on drill pipe, but they did not have an RFID antenna that would survive the harsh down-hole environment. They first contacted Spectrum Control in April 2007 for design assistance. The development process took almost a year – the first article was delivered for testing in April 2008 – and resulted in US patent 20100141542 being awarded to Machine2Wireless LLC principal, Mark W. Ingalls.

Defibrillator GPS Clock

Zoll Medical wanted to add a GPS-based clock to their E-series cardiac defibrillator. They contacted Spectrum Microwave, Columbia, MD, for assistance. Machine2Wireless principal, Mark W. Ingalls (then Director of Antenna Technology at Spectrum) designed a turnkey GPS system and modifications to the defibrillator’s Faraday cage.


The GPS clock allows “users to synchronize dispatch, defibrillator, and intervention call times, improving overall data accuracy.” (Zoll)

Matching a Commercially Available 3G Antenna

Machine2Wireless LLC was hired to improve the input match between a commercially available 3G antenna and RF module located inside the equipment housing. The situation called for destructive testing, followed by a prototype design that would allow the customer to perform RF “drive testing” to verify the improved performance in the real world. The prototype’s improved performance was verified in use tests by the customer.

The stringent requirements for the equipment in remote (rural) installations led the customer to contract Machine2Wireless LLC to design an antenna that would make maximum use of the space allowed, and thus maximum signal strength for the equipment. This effort is underway.

Split Ring Resonator Filter

Machine2Wireless LLC was subcontracted by microwave startup, Lexatys LLC (Delmare, DE) to assist in the product development of a novel K-band split ring resonator filter designed by Lexatys. Machine2Wireless has provided EM simulations, proprietary optimization and tuning strategies and prototype filter housings for the project to date. At this time Lexatys is providing customer samples of their novel K-band filter while continuing to develop volume production and tuning processes with support from Machine2Wireless.


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