Hybrid Antennas for the Internet of Things

This design is slowly but steadily growing in popularity.

It was first introduced here a couple years ago, then it was presented in greater detail in October of last year in  Antenna Systems and Technology’s website (A Hybrid “Hexa-Band” Cellular Antenna). We talked about it in November at Antenna Systems 2015. Now you can read more about it in the January edition of Microwave Journal online (registration required).

MCV Microwave became interested in the design as a product offering a few months ago. This is great news for people interested in incorporating the design because MCV has been in the microwave component business for over twenty years.

Meanwhile, here in the lab we are busy developing antenna designs for other customers and applications. Most of this work must remain confidential, so it’s great to have a story we can actually tell now and then.

Happy New Year, by the way.


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