One Year Old

Somewhere around a month (or two) ago Machine2Wireless quietly passed through its first year of existence. It was quiet because we were busy. It is sometimes useful to look back in time to take stock of what has transpired, especially if one hopes to learn and grow from past experience. So here are selected milestones from our first year.


High Gain Hotspot (pat. pend.)

  • We submitted a patent for a thing we called the High Gain Mobile Hotspot. We will be talking more about this idea in future posts, I am sure, but for now we are keeping it under wraps while we field-test prototypes.
  •  We survived our first SBIR proposal submission. So now we have a D&B number and a CAGE code, at minimum. (The proposal involves meta-materials and antennas, so it would be neat to get the project!)


Stay ‘tuned’…

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