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Defibrillator GPS Clock

Zoll Medical wanted to add a GPS-based clock to their E-series cardiac defibrillator. They contacted Spectrum Microwave, Columbia, MD, for assistance. Machine2Wireless principal, Mark W. Ingalls (then Director of Antenna Technology at Spectrum) designed a turnkey GPS system and modifications to the defibrillator’s Faraday cage.


The GPS clock allows “users to synchronize dispatch, defibrillator, and intervention call times, improving overall data accuracy.” (Zoll)

Kanzius Project

In May 2009 The Kanzius Cancer Reseach Foundation, based in Erie, PA, reached out to their personal contacts at Spectrum Control’s headquarters, also based in Erie at that time.  Early trials of Kanzius’s apparatus at M.D. Anderson, while showing promise, also showed that the Electric field generated by the apparatus was not uniform, as required.

A meeting between Spectrum’s Mark W. Ingalls, founder of Machine2Wireless LLC, and M. D. Anderson’s Stephen Curley, M. D., was arranged. Upon seeing the apparatus, Ingalls made recommendations on improving the apparatus and provided EM simulation results to back up his statements.


The Kanzius Project is ongoing.


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